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Travel with a team this Summer to serve alongside many other passionate believers who have the opportunity to share the gospel and help students engage the God that created them, loves them, and has a plan for their life through intentional messages and activities in 6 different states across the country! This is a great opportunity for interns to leverage and grow in evangelism and service to help ENGAGE, EQUIP, and EMPOWER this next generation of leaders. 


This will be an eight-week commitment with the orientation in Ohio to kick it off. At the orientation, you will have the opportunity to meet other MANNA interns who will be serving in different ways in the country and overseas! 


  • Get to Miamisburg, OH for orientation and get home once we finish camp back in Miamisburg, OH

  • Raise support of $1,500 to cover your travel, food, and lodging during your eight-week commitment 

  • Clearly explain the gospel and help students engage the God that created them, loves them, and has a plan for their life through intentional messages and activities

  • Actively participate in Camp Duties assigned

    • All meetings and meals

    • Loading and unloading at every camp along with setting up and tearing down

    • Learning, engaging in, and running all assigned activities

    • Connect with students throughout the day, no matter where they are assigned

    • Carrying a positive attitude throughout the week, despite circumstances, staff encounters or frustrating situations with students

    • Supervising the students, while ensuring that you are never alone and unseen with just one student 

    • Having personal bible study each day 

    • Respect all youth pastors and leaders



  • Must have a heart for God and a desire to serve others.

  • Must have a High School degree or equivalent; currently accepted for, enrolled in, or recently graduated from a college or university

  • Must have strong communication skills, and be able to work effectively and build relationships with others

  • Must have good organization and planning skills, and be able to demonstrate effective project coordination, facilitation, and implementation

  • Must be able to collaborate with a team, as well as have the initiative to work well individually.

  • Should be a spiritual leader, encourager, listener, friendly, observant, proactive.

  • Agree to cooperate with the administration in carrying out the program and the policies of each college and Engage ministries. 

  • You are someone who is:

    • Living a life in Christ and desiring to grow in their walk with God

    • A critical thinker

    • Eager to learn and connect with people 

    • Willing to raise support

    • Flexible and adaptable

    • Eager to serve 

    • Willing to put others before themselves

    • Confident in sharing the gospel and leading people in their faith



  • You are in a community of strong passion and accountability within the staff and Engage interns

  • You are in an environment where people/students are thirsty for the gospel

  • To grow in sharing the gospel and leading students to surrender their lives to their Savior

  • Making an impact on multiple lives and truly changing lives

  • Making ministry partners along the way with the staff and youth leadership

  • Connecting with over 100 churches that may have a job for you in the future

  • You get a front-row seat to watching God work His power and miracles every single day

Interns will be responsible for raising money for travel, food, lodging, and other additional costs (all will be planned and organized by MANNA/Engage for the interns). MANNA/Engage will provide interns with resources and tools to help raise support.

All interested applicants are required to submit the Internship Application. A select group of applicants will be chosen for the interview process. After the interview process is complete, applicants will be notified if they have been chosen for the Internship Program

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