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Volunteer History

 Previous Volunteer History & Direct Supervisor 

Background Checks

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health requires that every voulnteer person shall prior to attending camp, have a background free of conduct that bears adversely upon his or her ability to provide for the safety and well-being of the campers. We are required to obtain a sex offender registry information check from the Massachusetts Sex Offenders Registry Board and a CORI/Juvenile Report from the Department of Criminal Justice Information Services. 

*Other background checks outside of the CORI/SORI forms stated above do not meet the criteria of eligibility. 


1. Download the CORI form below and print it out



2. Fill/sign the printed copy BY HAND and either scan it to your computer or simply take a picture of it on your phone or if you already have record of a CORI/SORI please upload it below:



We will run the report with the information you provide on that form and let you know if you passed or failed the both background checks.

Upload File
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